Storytelling 2018 888b

$20.00 Per Pair [Parent & Child*] , additional parent / child member @ $5 each

For both sessions - Performance and Workshop

[*Suitable for children ages 4-10 years old.]

Early Bird - $10.00 per pair if register by 15 June 2018.

WHEN - Sunday, 15 July 2018, 3:00 pm to 5:45 pm

WHERE - TCM Recital Studio - [MAP] - [PDF Version]


A Magical World of Stories

Join us in an afternoon of family bonding with your child through five stories by the wonderful storytellers from the Storytelling Association [Singapore].  After that, continue to learn how to be a better 'Storyteller', a very practical and fun way of learning and improving communications through storytelling.

Storytelling Performance - [3:00pm - 4:00pm]

  • Why the sky is far away (Norway) – Kala Sundaram
  • No Doubt about It (Iran). - Mabel Lee
  • The Three Brothers (Persian) - Juriah Atan
  • The Dancing Hyena (West Africa) - Karen Lee
  • The Bamboo Princess (Japan - Kamishibai) – Louisa G H Ong 

Storytelling Workshop - Conducted by Sheila Wee  - [4:15pm - 5:45pm]

Telling Together: A Parent & Child Workshop

Attendees - Parent and Child pair to attend, additional family members are welcome too.

About the Workshop - Learning and fun come together when you tell stories. In this highly practical, fun workshop for parents and children, you will learn easy-to-tell participation and prop stories and play story-based games. Come and experience activities that will strengthen the parent-child bond and nurture the development of your child's creativity and language skills.


Synopsis of the Stories

  • Why the sky is far away (Norway) – Kala Sundaram
    Long ago the sky was so close to Mother Earth that people could actually eat parts of it! However, their greed and wasteful ways caused the sky to move far, far, far away beyond the reach of any man, woman or child.
  • No Doubt about It (Iran) - Mabel Lee
    Parrot is wise and clever. Is he truly?Sometimes we believe what we hear because we want it to be true.
  • The Three Brothers (Persian/Iran) - Juriah Atan
    Three Persian princes set off to seek their fortunes. They agree to a wager. The one who brings the most unusual and interesting object will be the winner. When the moon is full, the three brothers meet again to determine the winner. However, the prize at stake surprises even them.
  • The Dancing Hyena (West Africa) - Karen Lee
    Hen takes a trip home to visit her family. Worried that she may lose her way, Rooster tells her to remember to take the path on the left when she comes to a fork on the road. Unfortunately, she does not remember and take the right path instead. She meets a hyena who can’t wait to sink his teeth into her. Rooster arrives just in time to save her --- with his musical instrument, the mbira. Find out how Rooster rescues Hen and himself from the jaws of the hyena with his mbira.
  • The Bamboo Princess (Japan - Kamishibai) – Louisa G H Ong 
    An elderly childless couple find a baby girl in a bamboo stalk. She grows up to be a stunning beauty. Suitors ask for her hand in marriage but none of them succeed in their quest. She eventually returns back to where she belongs, the Moon. Before she leaves she gives a very special gift to her elderly parents. What will they do with it?


The Storytellers / Trainer:

Kala 200

Kala Sundaram Kala is a Professional member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore) and enjoys telling and listening to stories. She believes every life is a fascinating story waiting to be told. Kala currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Storytelling Association (Singapore).

Mabel 21 200

Mabel Lee - Mabel is a founding member of the Storytelling Association Singapore. She uses stories to promote literacy, teach concepts and to encourage change in behaviours. She loves telling stories from Asia as she believes that it is important for us to start from our roots. Mabel participated in the Sakal International Storytelling Festival in Pune, India this January 2018. She brought Singapore stories to the children of India and carried out workshops for the teachers there.   


Juriah Atan 200

Juriah Atan - Juriah is fascinated by stories. She now tries to share her love of stories by telling them to young and adult audiences. She has told stories at various events and venues including schools, libraries, The Singapore Zoological Garden, Botanical Gardens, The Peranakan Museum, The Arts House and even on a moving MRT train. Juriah currently serves on their Executive Committee of the Storytelling Association (Singapore)


Karen 200

Karen Lee - Karen is a storyteller and trainer with 20 years of teaching experience in the education field. She has been telling stories to people of all ages, from all walks of life, sharing with them hope, courage and a chance to understand the self and others. She has trained preschool teachers and volunteers who tell stories in their communities. She enjoys bringing to her audience the joy that can be gained from storytelling. Karen is currently the Treasurer of the Storytelling Association (Singapore).


Louisa G H Ong 200

Louisa G H Ong - Louisa has given lively storytelling performances to children, teenagers and adults in New York and Singapore. She uses puppets to complement her storytelling and a Kamishibai stage to rekindle the art of Japanese street theatre and storytelling. She is the Founder of Periwinkle Communications and her work with children and adults have spanned 24 years.


Sheila Nairobi 2017. 200jpg

Sheila Wee - Sheila is a Singaporean professional storyteller, storytelling trainer and story consultant with 19 years’ experience.  Because of her work to pioneer the movement to revive the use of storytelling in Singapore, she has been described as a Godmother of Singapore storytelling. As well as performing stories for a wide range of audiences and venues, Sheila teaches storytelling skills and conducts training in the use of storytelling across many different sectors; education, culture and heritage and corporate.  Sheila also works internationally, and has performed and conducted workshops in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UK and Vietnam.



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