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REGISTRATION for Festival Performance Entries is now CLOSED


Any Late Entry request after 1 July 2019  shall be evaluated and approved case by case, with a 50% Late entry charge.

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Event Date:  7 to 13 August 2019
(Registration Closing Date: 1 July 2019 for Singapore Entries)




SPAF aims to inspire, so all performers leave with a sense of achievement! Its purpose is to open up the world of performing arts to students, encouraging them to develop a range of communication and interpersonal skills through an interactive environment.


7 to 13 August 2019

Categories - Piano / Guitar / Violin Solo and Piano Duet

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Full information within Brochure and Syllabus OR scroll further down.


2019 Festival Adjudicator:

Luise W138


Luise Horrocks

After early studies on the piano and clarinet, Luise Horrocks graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English before moving on to study singing on an Advanced Studies Course at the Royal College of Music in London.

She has performed extensively as a Soprano Soloist throughout the UK and Europe.  While specialising primarily in Oratorio, she has also given many Song Recitals and has appeared on the opera stage at Buxton Opera House.   She has also sung in a series of concerts and Recitals in South Africa and the USA and her wide repertoire extends from works by Monteverdi to Stravinsky.  She has made several recordings and her BBC broadcasts include performances of Handel’s Messiah, Haydn’s Creation and works by Goehr. 

Luise has held positions as a teacher in both the Junior and Senior departments of the Birmingham Conservatoire and as a visiting lecturer at Birmingham University.  She runs an extensive private teaching practice and is regularly asked to give Masterclasses, choral workshops, presentations and teacher sessions both at home and abroad.  She has worked as a Vocal Coach on several residential courses for singers and as a mentor on the CT ABRSM teacher training course.  She has also coached and conducted the Wyre Forest Young Voices choir and worked as an external moderator for Artis, a company providing performing arts projects in schools.  (Full Bio)


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CLASSES (Categories)

 (Important NOTE: All Violin Participants shall need to engage their own accompanist)

Non Examination Pieces are acceptable too.  Participants shall be responsible for matching the level (Grade) of the pieces.


Classical Piano Solo / Duet

 (Only ONE piece from Trinity College London or other equivalent Music Exam Boards Syllabuses)

Class No. Grade

Time Limit

(Up to)

21 Initial 2 mins $60
22 1 2 mins $60
23 2 2 mins $60
24 3 3 mins $70
24D Duet - Foundation* 3 mins $90
25 4 3 mins $70
26 5 4 mins $80
26D Duet - Intermediate* 4 mins $100
27 6 4 mins $80
28 7 6 mins $90
29 8 6 mins $90
29D Duet - Advanced* 6 mins $110

Advance (Above Grd.8)

10 mins $110


*Piano Duet Repertoire: or Free Choice


Classical Violin Solo

 (Only ONE piece from Trinity College London or other equivalent Music Exam Boards Syllabuses)

(Important NOTE: All Violin Participants shall need to engage their own accompanist)

Class No. Grade

Time Limit

(Up to)

31 Initial 2 mins $60
32 1 2 mins $60
33 2 2 mins $60
34 3 3 mins $70
35 4 3 mins $70
36 5 4 mins $80
37 6 4 mins $80
38 7 6 mins $90
39 8 6 mins $90

Advance (Above Grd. 8)

10 mins $110


Classical Guitar Solo

(Only ONE piece from Trinity College London or other equivalent Music Exam BoardsSyllabuses)

Class No. Grade

Time Limit

(Up to)

41 Initial 2 mins $60
42 1 2 mins $60
43 2 2 mins $60
44 3 3 mins $70
45 4 3 mins $70
46 5 4 mins $80
47 6 4 mins $80
48 7 6 mins $90
49 8 6 mins $90

Advance (Above Grd. 8)

10 mins $110



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