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ATCL Teaching in Drama and Speech


 SIX Individual Modules: 

Dates:  16 JUL 2017, 13 AUG 2017, 17th SEP 2017, 14 JAN 2018, 25 FEB 2018 and 25 MAR 2018

Time:  10.00am to 5.00pm

Venue:  TCM Recital Hall @ Chinese Swimming Club (Location Map)

Fee:  $380.00 per Module per Person
(For registration of 2 or more Modules - S$300.00 Per Module)
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Group Size:   Up to Maximum of 8

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Mary Ann Tear

Trainer & Examiner in Drama & Speech Subjects
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Overall Course Description

This exciting course will prepare students for the ATCL Teaching Diploma in Speech and Drama but would also be relevant to teachers of Communication Skills.

On successful completion of all modules students will be offered an option to pursue an internationally recognized qualification that gives them the knowledge of preparation, planning, and execution of the teaching of Speech and Drama to all age groups.

This particular course will focus upon the teaching of Speech and Drama to all levels and will impart an understanding of safe work in voice, movement, and drama.  There will also be the opportunity to explore and share texts and stimuli as well as discuss devices to use in the classroom.  The student will have the opportunity to build up a portfolio of material suitable for all levels.

There will be discussion and exploration of a range of related topics including Teaching Methodologies, Learning Styles, Facilitation, Engaging the Learner, Process and Product, Attainment Descriptors, Assessment, Report Writing, and choosing Performance Pieces.

Students will be encouraged to analyze, evaluate, contextualize, and reflect upon their work and they need to be able to commit time to research, planning, and electronic communication with tutors between sessions. Tutorial support will be available.


Students will learn to plan and deliver a taught programme for a specific learner or group of learners in a given setting and reflect upon its effectiveness. The qualification is of particular value to those working with individuals and small groups in studios, young people’s theatre and colleges.

Who is this course for?

This course would be suitable for learners who have had some experience of teaching at any level but wish to embark upon Professional Development and gain an internationally recognized qualification in the teaching of Drama and Speech and/or Communication Skills.

It is now universally proven that the Drama teacher’s approach of experiential learning can be of benefit across the curriculum. 


Each prospective student will be considered on a one-to-one basis. If the ATCL teaching examination is being considered then all modules would be needed unless the course director considers that previous experience warrants APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning). The student would also need to be actively involved in teaching of some form. With the knowledge gained from all these modules the student would meet the requirements as stated by Trinity College London.

Learning outcomes

For successful completion of this course students will be able to:

-  Execute teaching work effectively in the field of Speech and Drama

-  Use a wide range of teaching materials

-  Execute work effectively at an appropriate professional level, working in response to larger structures, and/or directions of others

-  Demonstrate an awareness of the wider context of the material they are working with, especially in relation to the performing arts or communication skills and education in general

-  Conduct investigative projects and develop new approaches to present concepts to students

-  Demonstrate command of subject knowledge and the ability to plan work for others to achieve set goals 


Module description


1. Teaching Strategies in Drama and Speech classes [16 JUL 2017]

After an overview of the Acting and Speaking Grade Syllabus this module will consider various teaching strategies and then give ideas for activities within Drama and Speech classes that utilize these strategies. These activities will be given to students and there will be some tutor and some student facilitation. There will also be discussion about schemes of work and lesson plans that could be used within a Drama and Speech Programme.

Students will be asked to compile a scheme of work and write a lesson plan – both to be submitted within two weeks of attendance at the module. They will also be given a small research project and they will be asked to submit their results within two weeks of attendance at the module but they may seek electronic assistance at any time.


2. Building a Portfolio [13 AUG 2017]

This module will focus on building a portfolio of suitable material for all levels. Examples of material will be provided and there will be discussion about how to decide which level is most suitable as well as suggestions for further searches.

Students will be asked to present one memorised and one non- memorised piece which will be done over Skype within two weeks of their completion of the module, as well as provide a written summary of their experience of the module. Electronic help will be available at any time.


3. Exploring the Principles of Teaching as related to Drama and Speech classes [17 SEP 2017]

This module will look at how educational theories can be applied in the teaching of Drama and Speech at all levels, the management of a class, assessment procedures, report writing, and how a teacher can adapt to suit a variety of learning needs. There will both discussion and practical interaction.

Students will be asked to submit a written answer chosen from a list – to be submitted electronically within three weeks of attendance at the module as well as design some assessment forms.


4. Written work within the ATCL Teaching Drama and Speech examination [14 JAN 2018]

This module will cover the requirements of the written paper and the case studies in the ATCL Teaching Drama and Speech examinations. Examples of questions will be given and help will be given with essay techniques, time management, improving on analytical and contextual skills and formatting case studies.

Students will be asked to complete a written paper at the end of the module.


5. Communicating and Presenting Effectively [25 FEB 2018]

This module will cover Presentation skills, Impromptu Speaking, Persuasion and Negotiation skills, Summary Skills and will explore the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and deal creatively with learner response. There will be discussion on Voice Care, There will also be practical exercises for Presentation Skills. Students will be asked to prepare a Presentation which will be filmed and then the student will have a Skype tutorial within two weeks of the completion of the module. If this module was followed up by another two short intensive half day courses as well as some electronic communication with a tutor it could be possible for a student to consider entering the TCL Professional Certificate in Communication Skills.


6. Awareness of associated knowledge required to successfully teach Drama and Speech classes [25 MAR 2018]

This module will look at the construction of workshops, the value of Laban work, the analyzing of poetry, Motivation within the classroom and examiners considerations with regard to assessment of teaching strategies. There will be discussion about Response to feedback, Personal Evaluation, Target Setting, and Professional Development in a Viva Voce situation. There will also be discussion of legislation that impacts upon the work of a Drama and Speech teacher such as Health and Safety and Child Protection.

After this module the student will be required to teach a class which will be observed and then partake in a Viva Voce which will filmed and then moderated.


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"I have had the pleasure of attending the Communication Skills  training conducted by MS Works - the sessions were enlightening and entertaining  and I have no hesitation to recommend these courses which has proven to be a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate dynamically and powerfully either in their professional or personal lives."
Course Participant - Ms. Amy (Senior Management in the Legal Profession) 


"Loved the workshop .... able to learn many techniques .... will benefit experienced teachers too!  The moderation practice is very realistic and useful "
Jackeline Carter (Founder - Academy IG)



Mary Ann Tear

Trainer & Examiner in Drama & Speech Subjects
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