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Public Master Class with Melanie Spanswick

Saturday 12 Aug 2017 (2pm - 5pm), TCM Rectial Studio @ Chinese Swimming Club


  • Sonatina Op. 36, No. 6 by Clementi (Grade 6)
  • Rhapsody Op. 79, No. 2 by Brahms
  • Landler by Schubert
  • Dance of The Little Swans from Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky
  • Novelette No. 2 by Poulenc

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Pianist, Composer, Writer, Music Educator and BIFF [The British and International Federation of Festivals] Adjudicator

Born in the UK, Melanie Spanswick’s reputation as a classical pianist, teacher, and writer has proffered a diverse career.

A graduate of the Royal College of Music in London, Melanie studied the piano with Patricia Carroll, Tatiana Sarkissova and John Lill. Whilst at the RCM, she won many prizes including the Ziff prize for the most outstanding postgraduate pianist, Arthur Bliss Prize, Marguerite Long Chamber Music Prize, a Leverhulme Trust Award, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Performance Studies.
Melanie has performed as a soloist, chamber musician, and accompanist at most of the major UK concert halls, and for countless music societies, university concert series’, and festivals (Windsor, Cheltenham, Brighton, Southwark, Prussia Cove).




Suitable for Trinity College London, ABRSM and other Graded music exams syllabus

(Monday, 14 August 2017 - 10aam to 5pm)

Workshop Fee:

- Active: $68.00 (Early Bird before 15 July 2017!). Usual: $88.00

- Passive: $48.00 (Early Bird before 15 July 2017!). Usual: $68.00

- Fees inclusive of Workshop Handouts and Networking Lunch

  • Topics: 

- Workshop Overview

The workshop is very helpful for Teachers and for all levels of students (parents and teachers as well!) especially those preparing for Music Examinations.  Musical examples will be provided for the sight-reading and memorisation tests, there will be workshop hand-outs prepared for students (which can take away with them afterwards).   

- Piano Technique

This workshop looks at the basic techniques required in order to develop a fluid, comfortable and secure piano technique. The class will begin with a 25/30 minute lecture about the movements and flexibility needed, incorporating many practice ideas for students (and/or teachers). Wrist, arm, hand and finger technique are all surveyed, with exercises designed to help pianists, whether they are elementary or advanced in their playing. After the lecture (to which accompanying notes will be supplied for each participating student), each participant will have the opportunity to come to the piano and try out the ideas discussed.  This class works well with about 10 participating students (there could also be an audience too) and can take around 90 minutes, depending on the size of the class. 

- Memorisation

This useful skill often causes issues for students, yet with a few simple ideas and suggestions, memory work can be an enjoyable addition to a performance (and is an advantageous accomplishment for the FRSM and FTCL diplomas, as well as music college entrance auditions). This workshop begins with a 20 minute lecture (with accompanying notes for participants); surveying the history of playing from memory plus a detailed examination of many beneficial practice tools.  Each student then has the chance to memorise a short passage of music ‘on the spot’ (music supplied) and so hopefully they can see for themselves how quickly this element can be put into practice during the learning process.  This segment can last about 90 minutes with 10 participants. 

- Sight-Reading

An extremely important piano playing skill. Sadly it’s often neglected in lessons and in practice sessions too, often only incorporated in the run up to an exam. This workshop is designed to encourage and inspire students (and teachers) to work at their reading on a regular basis, honing and developing this element.  The workshop begins with a brief 15 minute lecture entitled ‘15 Top Tips’ (with accompanying notes for participating students), after which every pupil will read several examples (beginning with easier material). The class will finish with pupils playing duets (four hands) and trios (six hands) together.  This segment will last around 90 minutes with 10 students.

- Scales and Arpreggios

These technical elements appear in all graded exams, and are helpful at diploma level too. This workshop contains a lecture of around 30 minutes (and includes some of the information from the piano technique workshop, making it a great ‘follow on’ from the technique class). I survey the movements and practice techniques necessary to develop fluent, fast, even and musical scales and arpeggios.  Included are plenty of musical examples (on the accompanying notes for students), and we will work with a variety of touches, rhythms and accents, always checking hand positions, fingering and posture.  Students all have the opportunity to come to the piano and try various practice methods, in preparation for their exams.  This segment can last 90 minutes (or longer if each student wants to go through the whole scale syllabus for their exam)

- Launch of "Play it Again" Books 1 & 2 - by MelanieSpanswick

Aimed at 'returning' players who have spent some time away from the keyboard, Play it again: Piano gives you the confidence to revisit this fulfilling pastime and go beyond what you previously thought you could achieve. Each piece in this two-book course is accompanied by constructive and easy-to-understand practice tips to help get your fingers speeding comfortably across the keys once again! The Piano Technique and Theory sections will help secure a fuller understanding of music and technique.  

BOOK 1 will reunite you with the keyboard using original pieces from the piano repertoire and tips on how to get you playing fluently  once again.  This book ranges progressively from around UK grades 1 to 4 (elementary to intermediate). 

BOOK 2 is for the more confident  'former' piano player or for those continuing their journey from Book 1. This book ranges progressively from around UK grades 5 to 8 (intermediate to late advanced).

If you often find yourself saying 'I used to play the piano...' but wish you still did, then Play it again: Piano is the resource for you!

25% Discount! ONLY Workshop, Festival and Lessons attendees.

- Q&A, Closing


  • Calling for Performers for Workshop



(Limited Slots, 12 to 18 August 2017)

  • SOLO Lessons - $200 per hour 

  • Public Master Class

- Performer - $80 (30mins) / $120 (45mins)

- Observer Pass - $10 each 

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VENUE:  TCM Recital Studio @ Chinese Swimming Club [Location Map]


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