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Let’s Rock!

A step by step guide to the new Trinity Rock & Pop exams with an insight into how to revolutionise your teaching

Trinity’s Rock & Pop syllabus changed in 2018. Are you up to date? Learn more about how to chose your songs, what happens in the exam, how is it marked and how can your students can get the best possible marks.

Your students might be great at playing the Rock & Pop songs for the exam - but what about the Session Skills? Whether it is Playback or Improvising, these are worth 20% of the exam - so it is important to make the most of this important section of the exam in this practical workshop for all levels. Nicholas will give you a foolproof step by step guide through this aspect of the exam.

And for more classical teachers of the piano, are your pupils getting a bit bored with playing classical music? Are their interests with more popular music? Then perhaps Trinity’s Rock & Pop keyboards syllabus is just what you have been looking for. Pop Goes the Piano is exactly what you need to help understand more about teaching Rock & Pop Keyboards. It’s fun, it is different and it is not as scary as you think!


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Discover the exciting new Piano Publications from Revolution Arts

Join Nicholas Keyworth to find out more about Explorer and Globetrotter - a brand new series of publications for piano from Revolution Arts.

Trinity College London’s former Chief Examiner, composer and pianist, Nicholas Keyworth will guide you through these innovative new books to help support your teaching and to provide some brilliant new repertoire for your lessons.



Explorer is a book of 27 short piano duets for adventurous piano teachers and students. Composed by Australian composer, Wendy Hiscocks , these are designed to integrate into your teaching in many ways supporting everything from scales and keys to stylistic awareness. Each of the pieces is fun to play for both teacher and student - not the usual boring accompaniments with a predictable melody in the treble clef. They also provide great support for progressing sight reading and technical skills. And the books are beautifully illustrated in full colour by Wendy herself. 

Globetrotter 1 & 2

Globetrotter 1 & 2 are two books of original music for solo piano composed by Nicholas Keyworth and inspired by people, places and travels to over 50 countries around the world. Globetrotter 1 starts with some easy pieces and progresses up to approximately Grade 3 standard. Globetrotter 2 takes thing further to approximately Grade 6. There is some fantastic new material here to support technical development, broaden musical and general knowledge or provide supplementary material for exam preparation. They are also a great collection of pieces for playing for fun or for performing at anytime and anywhere in the world.

This exciting and free launch event will include some welcoming refreshments, a chance to hear the music from the books and take a closer look at the music. There will be some special offers waiting for you too!


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WeIcome! This conference is a landmark in "Music for Little Mozarts" history. It is the first time that all three authors will attend and present sessions. There will be specialized workshops on Teaching Technique, Rhythm, and Reading along with presentations on effective MLM teaching strategies.  It is with great joy that I extend a personal welcome to participants to our 4th "Music for Little Mozarts" Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference a few years ago in Singapore was very exciting and I know that the Bangkok event will be just as stimulating. We look forward to renewing friendships with teachers who were in Singapore and meeting teachers who be attending this conference for the first time. We are eager to learn about how the"Music for Little Mozarts" program has developed in each country here in S.E. Asia. We hope that you share the enthusiasm that the three authors feel for the learning that will take place during the conference. From the opening "Hello Song" to the closing "Goodbye Song;' the conference will be filled with information that teachers can share with students upon returning home.



16 - 17 AUGUST 2018 (THUR & FRI)  - 9:30AM TO 4:30PM DAILY
18 AUGUST 2018 (SAT) - 9:30AM TO 1:00PM






ALL Music Teachers and Trainers working with early learners and beginners.
ALL Existing MfLM Members, as it will be a very valuable experience to meet face to face with all the three authors. 



FULL Information and Details [CLICK to View / Download]
Conference Flyer   [CLICK to View / Download]



MS WORKS Pte. Ltd. is the Singapore's Coutry Representative for Music for Little Mozarts .

You can Register register DIRECTLY with us through our [ONLINE FORM] or [PDF Registration Form]

By Registering with us, you will receive TWO THANK YOU Vouchers of
-  One 50% Discount Voucher for MfLM CDs and
-  One 30% Discount Voucher for MfLM Publications

Registration Deadlines:
- Early Bird Registration by 10 July 2018
- Regular Registration by 25 July 2018

Alternatively, you may register directly with the organiser:
Alfred Music (Singapore)  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 6659-8919





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Two’s Company

Revolutionise your teaching strategies through collaborative piano activities

The purpose of this seminar is to encourage greater musical interaction between students and teachers.
This helps to keep the lessons vibrant, the learning fast and fun, and the musical engagement real and authentic.Bangkok Teachers

Two’s Company is a half day of interactive professional development activity for piano teachers led by Trinity College London’s former Chief Examiner, composer and pianist, Nicholas Keyworth

So often as piano teacher we sit and watch our students play, correcting their wrong notes and offering words of wisdom and encouragement. But this can mean that learning and teaching the piano can be a slow, tedious and repetitive journey.

Playing music with other people in duets and ensembles is one of the most effective and rewarding learning strategies. As well as speeding up the learning process it can help develop greater listening and coordination and improve musical understanding.

Two’s Company explores duetting skills between teacher and student in the lessons. Revolution Arts’ latest innovative publication, Explorer is designed for just that purpose proving 27 short pieces to integrate into your teaching.

Explorer cover


But this ‘hands on’ seminar goes further… Nicholas Keyworth will show how interactive teaching strategies can be a great way of learning new pieces - and fast! Using backing tracks, duet & ensemble playing, and improvisation, this can really speed up the learning process.

And it's much more than just playing the notes. Nicholas is keen to develop greater Communication and Interpretation in playing - absolutely essential in successful exam performances. Nicholas goes ‘Behind the notes’ to show how teachers can explore the musical context of the pieces they are teaching offering some terrific insights in the music and opening up new opportunities to play the music more musically.

Two’s Company culminates in a rehearsal and performance for all participants for Nicholas Keyworth’s exciting Shackleton’s Circus for 6 pianos - an ensemble piece you can also use with your own students.

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Behind the Notes 2018

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