MS Works, a unique Singaporean company working in the fields of Communication Skills, Drama, Music, and Performance Arts- appealing to the education, corporate and artistic worlds.

We believe that these skills are an integral part of a successful and fulfilling life in the 21st century and essential for everyone to realize their potential and therefore be competitive and productive.

Through workshops and seminars we aim not only to offer training for teachers, but also to provide an environment where teachers and trainers can share and discuss their strategies and methodologies, thus furthering their professional development.

We offer the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications in a wide breadth of related subjects.

We aim to be a support to all working in this industry by networking, consultancy, and provision of a resource centre.

We are planning events in our performance space; such as master classes and clinics with visiting professionals, as well as concerts and theatrical presentations given by artists from Singapore and Asia.